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What Does MOBOTIX's New Version of 6-Series Mean for the 5-Series?

At the beginning of the year, MOBOTIX will be sending out a discontinuation announcement of the 5-Series. This announcement anticipates the upcoming release of their new version of the impressive 6-Series, which will be making its debut early this year. 

The previous 5-Series fully supports both MxPEG and MxBus; but the "original" 6-Series had doubled the processing power while adding additional H.264/ONVIF support. These features had the calculated downside of removing the onboard MxBus. Initially, this brought on concerns (as all change does), but we noticed that our Partners started to embrace the faster device as their mainstay and selected a 5-Series only if a MxBus function was needed.

With this said, the second generation 6-Series devices will return onboard MxBus feature that the 5-Series held; however the first generation 6-Series can still be a workhorse, especially since most locations don't require MxBus. Personally, my suggestion is to use the first generation anywhere you don't have an MxBus model being placed to pass down the cost-savings and make MOBOTIX even more appealing to your customers.


If you are a MOBOTIX Partner and didn't get this announcement or the pricing changes, please email me and I can send you a copy: clint@abptech.com

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