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What's New in MOBOTIX's Mx6 Dual-Core Technology

Mobotix has launched their new Mx6 dual-core technology with a wide line of M6-Series devices. Among these devices, it's being implemented across the popular M15 & M25 models as the new M16 & M26 models.

ABP has the new Mobotix M6 series hardware in-stock and ready to ship. If you’ve been waiting to see the new possibilities of the M6 series now is the perfect time to place an order. The M6 series’ H.264 and double the processing power are going to unlock a new world of options for Mobotix and we encourage you to place an NFR order as a test drive for the new performance line.

MOBOTIX's new mx6 dual-core technology














The new dual-core increases system performance to enable higher frame rates, multiple streams in different protocols, and new future analytics functions. Now the new dual-core Mx6 cameras can generate an H.264 stream in addition to MxPEG and MJPEG video codecs.

The optional H.264 standard offers the advantage of easy integration of MOBOTIX cameras into third-party video management and hardware. The new Mx6 platform is already ONVIF-capable and firmware updates will be released for complete ONVIF compatibility.

We'd also like to point out that the new Mx6 Cameras are not meant to replace the current M15/M25 portfolio, but are to be seen more as an extension or counter-part of the M15/M25 line. Please note that the current Mx6 cameras use the same housing, sensors and mounts but do not have the familiar MxBus connection. Keeping that in mind, we would use the new Mx6 cameras when higher frame-rates or H.264 is needed without the requirement of a MxBus connection.

We personally foresee that for the time being, most projects will still be best quoted out with the current M15/M25 lines. And as with any new product line launch, ABP recommends contacting your sales rep @ 972.831.1600 x3 or sales@abptech.com for free pre-sales support to provide a comprehensive system design.

Also, please note that MOBOTIX has updated part numbers for optics and accessories. For your convenience, here's a MX part numbers Cheat Sheet.

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