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The Phybridge PoLRE Switch


Disclaimer: In July of 2015, Phybridge Inc. acquired Network Video Technologies, which now operates under the name NVT Phybridge. Visit www.nvtphybridge.com for more information



The Phybridge PoLRE switch delivers Ethernet and Power over Ethernet over a single pair of wire with over 1,200 ft. reach. This means you can transform your existing, proven reliable voice wiring infrastructure into an IP path ideal for IP Telephony complementing and extending your existing data LAN. We have enabled thousands of our customers to avoid the risk, cost, disruption and complexity associated with the old way of layering real-time voice on a distributed topology built for near- time data delivery. With the PoLRE, you're in control of your migration from totally separate to fully converged LANs.

LAN Convergence Optimized
Businesses are leveraging their existing, proven reliable voice infrastructure to create a separate network path for voice communications, complementing an existing data network, while optimizing an organization’s IT infrastructure for voice and data convergence.  LAN convergence is simplified by moving the convergence point from every desktop with the IP phone acting as a switch for the data device to a single point in the central closet. View LAN Convergence Comparison

The PoLRE switches are designed specifically to handle any organization’s existing or future real-time voice requirements delivering a robust platform ensuring voice quality of service today and into the future.  In addition to IP phones the PoLRE switch can support other IEEE 802.3af compliant devices such as IP cameras, speakers or wireless access points.


Introducing PowerWISE, Another Industry First
PoLRE switches come standard with PowerWISE technology, providing the flexibility to use either AC or DC power sources with the same switches. Power sharing, load balancing, hot swappable power supply, AC/DC options — the PoLRE switches are amongst the lowest power consuming data switches in the industry. A highly-reliable local area switch network powered by PowerWISE with multiple sources of redundancy allows for the most robust PoE platform in the industry.


Benefits of the PoLRE Solution

Lower Total Cost of Ownership. No network assessments, no rip and replacing of the infrastructure, no expensive environmental considerations for distributed closets and best of all, no financial risk. As a result, companies can allocate more of their available budget on applications and application adoption driving a better overall return on investment.

Low Risk, Quick & Easy to Deploy. A ‘plug and play’ deployment strategy combined with leveraging an existing proven reliable infrastructure allows customers to confidently install a Phybridge backbone. You can quickly migrate to IP telephony saving time while minimizing network and business disruption.

Optimized Converged Local Area Network. The single point of central convergence and the dedicated voice path for each IP phone results in the most robust, reliable and secure topology achievable. Voice quality of service, voice continuity and a highly secure topology come standard with Phybridge.

Network Redundancy and Resilience.  PoLRE switches are designed to ensure uptime and availability.   The PoLRE PowerWISE features providers load sharing, power sharing, load balancing and AC/DC power flexibility to create redundancy.  Unlike many other data switches, the PoLRE switch was also designed to maintain connectivity even when the software fails. 

Simple Network Management. The physical separation of voice traffic combined with user friendly management GUI eliminates the complexities of managing a LAN topology with ever changing voice, video, and data traffic sharing a single path. By giving real-time voice applications a dedicated physical path, your IT staff can easily manage their network ensuring quality of service regardless of network loads.

Beyond Convergence Made Simple. The data needs of a business constantly evolve with data LANs changing every 3 to 5 years. You will save money while eliminating change management risk knowing you have a dedicated Phybridge infrastructure supporting the bandwidth and power needs for your IP phones. A move to gigabit to support the evolving data needs of users does not require you to buy expensive gigabit phones or POE data switches resulting in significant future savings.

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