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An Introduction to the Phybridge Concept


Disclaimer: In July of 2015, Phybridge Inc. acquired Network Video Technologies, which now operates under the name NVT Phybridge. Visit www.nvtphybridge.com for more information


LAN Convergence Made Simple

Optimizing and future-proofing your converged LAN is simple with the award-winning Phybridge switches. They are the only switches globally to deliver Ethernet and Power over a single pair of wire with reach of over 1,200 feet. They were designed specifically to allow businesses to transform their proven-reliable existing voice infrastructure into an IP path with power ideal for IP Telephony. Greatly reduce costs, disruption and risk while ensuring the successful migration to a premise-based or cloud-based communications platform.

Main applications are :

 - IP Phones w POE
-  IP Cameras w POE
-  IP Access Control and Biometric systems with POE
-  Wireless Access Points w POE


The PoLRE data switch innovation delivers Ethernet and PoE over a single pair of existing voice CAT3 wiring. Businesses can choose which LAN topology best suits their business and technology requirements.

Compare your options:

Prior to Switch Innovation - Desktop Convergence

Data switch reach limitations and wiring requirements resulted in customers layering voice requirements on the data switches with the IP phone acting as a switch for the data device connected to it.

  • Voice Quality of Service - Subjective, and may be impacted by new devices and users introduced to the network.
  • Voice Continuity - If the data LAN fails, the voice will fail as well.
  • LAN Readiness Costs - Difficult to determine, depending on the amount of changes required to support converged platform.
  • Security - Can create a secure platform through network management policies, configuration and protocols.
  • Future Network Requirements - Inefficient topology; the IP phone and PoE will need to be replaced every time data LAN changes are made to support higher data speeds.

PoLRE Switch Innovation - Central Convergence

The PoLRE switch innovation allows customers to transform their existing voice infrastructure into an IP path and power ideal for IP Telephony, moving the convergence point to the central closet.

  • Voice Quality of Service - Guaranteed with no data LAN dependencies, given the physical separation of voice and the point-to-point topology.
  • Voice Continuity - Voice can continue, even if the data LAN fails.
  • LAN Readiness Costs - Can provide not-to-exceed pricing, given the ability to leverage the already-working infrastructure.
  • Security - The most secure and simple converged LAN topology, given the physical separation of voice.
  • Future Network Requirements - Most efficient topology; keep the same IP phone and PoE, and replace only the data switch for higher speeds. No PoE or new phones required.






Phybridge offers some real interesting advantages in larger buildings that would require additional switch cabintes or ethernet extenders and may 
reduce your wiring cost and give you a much shorter and more clearly defined installation time window.

Call your pre-sales team at ABP Technology for more details.




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