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What is MxMSP™?

MxMSP™ is a remote monitoring and management platform that helps MOBOTIX Partners provide better service at a lower cost and get paid more! We built MxMSP™ as a tool with modules that are very easy to learn and manage.
















We started with an Element Management System (EMS) that enables MOBOTIX partners to always be able to access them remotely. You can do this with no port forwarding needed - even if behind firewalls or on a wireless carrier’s NAT that provides no private IP. Full Access results in more customer satisfaction and less hassle. Our solution automatically builds an encrypted private tunnel for each camera and is highly secure. Partners can use the MOBOTIX known GUI from within MxMSP™ EMS to update configuration files, firmware and passwords remotely. Additional extensions to help further automate things are on the way. Your MxMSP™ account provides you download access to an automatic provisioning tool to provision cameras you already have at your offices or installed at a customer site. The most convenient way to use MxMSP is by purchasing pre-configured cameras so you save time.


Next we added a Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solution that uses the secure access routes of our EMS and groups all cameras privately under customers and projects, monitors health parameters, checks if a remote camera is actually there, if the camera is recording and much more. It also notifies you when problems arise. Our unique RMM is made specifically for MOBOTIX products and handles not only camera monitoring but SD card wear, connections to NAS and more and is designed for easy and efficient management of your entire camera project.


We also added a Predictive and Preventive Monitoring tool that will send alerts and notifications before many known problems have even happened to prevent problems from occurring or from getting more serious. We believe the time for "Break Fix” has ended. Our PPM tool shows timelines and trends of temperature, packet loss, CPU load, etc., - which is all data Integrators can make meaningful and preemptive decisions on.


Last but not least MxMSP™contains Reports on Service Levels Achieved for each customer. We also log and have fully detailed reports that can show the time an integrator has spent on each customer. Both reports can be sent discretionarily or periodically and automatically to each customer to educate them on what has been done for them by the Integrator. Billing information is already exported to CSV and Excel.Additional Billing Tools that produce a regular monthly service bill that integrates with QuickBooks and FreshBooks are on the roadmap.


These innovations available in MxMSP™ make MOBOTIX deployments easier, faster and enables partners to manage more projects with time and travel. And MxMSP™ not only reduces cost but also increases recurring monthly revenue. Do more with your resources to increase your profits while at the same time provide you with the tools to start billing a recurring service fee of your choice.


IP TechView™ created MxLINQ™ for Integrators to provide a unique tool for MOBOTIX customers. MxLINQ™ offers end users a great new user experience and takes the MOBOTIX solution to a whole new level.

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