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What is IPTECHVIEW Surveillance and What Problem Does it Solve?

IPTECHVIEW SURVEILANCE and MxMSP/MxLINQ our specialized surveillance platform customized for MOBOTIX cameras are both unique ways to experience cloud based video surveillance. MOBOTIX is a unique decentralized intelligent cameras that when combining them with the MxMSP platform become much easier to install and maintain and customers get a new and easy to use VMS that goes beyond video with proactive alerts, and access to analytics. Most importantly, it also resolves many problems conventional systems have:


  • Most surveillance solutions are hard to quote, difficult to set up, use and maintain. MxLINQ enables serverless operation of pre-configured cameras. Cameras can quickly be set up and fine-tuned remotely. No local server means simpler quoting and cost savings.


  • Owners and managers fell locked out from using these systems and therefore are not very motivated to buy such a system. MxLINQ is built like a Web APP and is easy to use, for anyone without much training. Multi-layered Permissions can be set and controlled by management. Single-sign-on with ActiveDirectory is available.


  • Many Surveillance Solutions don't provide secure full access from outside of the firewall and don’t support the user’s existing, preferred devices. With our platform it is not necessary to configure firewalls or open ports. Each Camera uses their own dedicated private tunnel to our secure cloud. Live & recorded video, analytics & alerts are available anytime anywhere on computer browsers, pads, and smartphones. 


This true cloud surveillance system connects securely and directly to the cameras and eliminates servers or on-premise boxes. Different users can get different privileges and everything can be managed by you, the Technology Partner, or the customer's IT team if you provide them access. Resellers get full remote configuration, health monitoring, and management. Best of all, it’s all in one platform and no hardware is needed apart from the cameras themselves and their POE switches.

MxMSP/MxLINQ gives users secure access, instant alerts, and situationalawareness via Blueprint, Spaces, and time-based recent-activity views and multiple analytics options and has become a rich, yet intuitive and user-friendly cloud VMS.

At the same time, our platform offers resellers superpowers by enabling secure access to all their connected projects. MxMSP - Managed Services Platform enables customers' IT team to manage their own systems remotely. Many customers with multi-site projects see this as a key reason to embrace our system. At the same time, they can also get a whole new level of remote services from their trusted partner.

IPTECHVIEW's development team is constantly improving the platform with new add-on options such as dynamic cloud storage, license plate recognition, analytics options for vertical applications, and different IoT integrations.  

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