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Kentix Access Control: 1,584 Locks, $0 Software, 0 Servers

Kentix Access Control


The access control market has gone through two major shifts in the last decade with the first being the acceptance and reliance on IP communications over serial links between panels and more recently with the explosion of “Smart Locks” that require no wiring to the device. The later has lead to drastic decreases in installation time and expense over a conventional access door and this enables end-users to justify including more doors on their system. Integrators can now rapidly add a door to the system instead of counting panels for open reader ports and power supplies for open outputs to use before quoting the project.

Kentix GmbH recently hosted their annual Partner Day 2017 event and ABP Tech was lucky enough to be there to learn about the changes happening in the technology market and to be guided down the roadmap of Kentix’s effortless technology. My favorite news is the soon to come access control series that has proven wildly popular across Europe but has been restricted in the North American market due to radio transmission protocol differences. This barrier will be lifted in Q1 of 2017 when ABP Tech will have the Kentix access control suite for sale and I personally will be very excited for this.

Kentix Cloud app for Access Control





















The Kentix access control is a blended system of a PoE edge-devices, smart on-door wireless locks, and wireless server cabinet locks running on an embedded, license-free, zero-cost software solution with Active Directory that can scale up to 1,500 locks. Plus the access control system interfaces directly into the environmental monitoring system with intrusion detection or it can be completely stand-alone. All doors can be linked to nearby Mobotix cameras and programmed to record video of all access control events for easy auditing and referencing.

Kentix Wireless Locks for Access Control   Kentix Cabinet Lock for Access Control









Kentix handles their access control system in a few ways. The wireless locks use a low-power Bluetooth® transmission from the lock to an AccessPoint module. The AccessPoint module manages and communicates to up to 16 locks within approximately 80’ of the AccessPoint. The other option allows for wiring of high usage doors by installing a edge device near the door. This Network Relay Module is powered by PoE and provides power to two door locks and inputs for the door hardware. The NRM can be installed in a closet or electrical room and used in system change-outs for a takeover from a bulky conventional access system.

Embedded services are becoming more popular and common through the security industry and for very good reasons. Not having to place a computer or server on a project saves cost and decreases the failure points. All Kentix components are a network device with a simple and logical web interface meaning you don’t have to install software to interact with the system. Stacking on the zero up-front and ongoing cost of the software to manage over 1,500 doors with not needed a workstation or server and you now have a very low starting point for access control. Kentix offers Kentix360 Cloud service to allow for off-site communication and connection but there are no features hidden behind a paywall and no obligation to enroll in the service, but it will provide benefits that easily account for the near $100 annual cost.

Kentix Access Control GUI

I expect to have demo equipment set up in the ABP Tech Demo Room before the end of year with in-stock hardware for sale in January. Follow me for more information as we get closer to the launch, but please reach out for questions and comments.

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