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Brickcom Cameras Include FREE Software NVR

Brickcom offers a free PC-based NVR that is advanced and allows users to manage up to 64 Brickcom IP cameras for live viewing and video recording. This free software, called BRC64, supports MJPEG, MJEPG-4 and H.264 compression and it uses less bandwidth while offering the optimal image viewing and recording quality. Designed for flexibility and user-friendliness, the BRC64 has many features which enable easy setup and management of the entire IP surveillance system. The E-MAP gives users a full outline of the monitored areas and the “Smart Camera Search” feature makes it possible to gain instant access to any Brickcom IP camera on the specific site. The software also features “Smart Motion Detection” and is capable of extensive event configuration in order to make an effective IP Monitoring and NVR system. Support for live viewing and viewing / storing recorded data at different frame rates is available for efficient use of disk space. It is also capable of flexible recording options include manual, event-triggered, scheduled or continuous. With the help of the Brickcom BRC64 and its IP cameras, users can quickly build a secure and robust IP surveillance system.



This software is also capable of upgrade to BRC64-Pro. TheBRC64-PRO version adds support for Video Walls and Remote Access and Control. 

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