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Get AlarmReady! ABPTech Announces US Distribution of AlarmReady - the First Cloud-Based Video Verification Solution for IP Video Surveillance Systems that Works With any Brand of Alarm System

Dallas, TX (September 9, 2019) ABP Technology, a leading value-add specialty distributor for IP technology solutions, has obtained the exclusive rights to distribute AlarmReady™ in the United States. AlarmReady is the first universal alarm system video verification solution designed to frictionlessly attach to any IP video surveillance system. 

“AlarmReady is an exciting opportunity for system integrators to deliver a video verification solution – for any alarm system users may have – that enables higher situational awareness, faster emergency response, and fewer false alarms,” said ABPTech CEO Robert Messer.

AlarmReady is a cloud-based solution designed for commercial buildings or higher-end homes. Its first delivery will be for MOBOTIX camera systems as a FREE beta feature included with MxLINQ™ – the mobile universal viewer, alert, and control tool for MOBOTIX surveillance system end users. As soon as an alarm is activated at any monitored location the solution provides immediate video verification to users and owners or, if configured, to a compatible monitoring center. AlarmReady sends users alerts directly via phone, tablet, or computer and can send a text message to subscribed users to make sure the alarm is not missed. Users will see the location of the alarm as well as have immediate video access to the cameras on site that shows activity at that time.

“AlarmReady together with decentralized intelligent MOBOTIX cameras and MxLINQ Cloud Access provides the highest situational awareness in the market,” said Messer. 

MOBOTIX-patented ActivitySensor technology helps eliminate false alarms and AlarmReady can quickly discern which cameras to show. MxLINQ, a cloud access solution for MOBOTIX, enables the user to immediately view and forward video footage to law enforcement – including a live-link by SMS or email – to the affected location. 

“People are nervous in alarm situations and AlarmReady simplifies this process and guides end users directly to the cameras they need to see,” said Messer. “AlarmReady provides additional situational awareness, user-friendliness, and overall simplicity of the system. Primary design factors give the end user as seamless an experience as possible.”    

AlarmReady can help prevent further harm or damage by enabling users to take a variety of actions via the MOBOTIX system. For example, users can play dissuasive Audio Messages. If set-up by a system integrator, users may also have access to turning on lights, locking doors, closing gates, or any other features on their IoT/surveillance system right then and there. This makes AlarmReady a flexible and powerful cloud-based platform that can be integrated with professional monitoring systems, offering end users and businesses a unique hybrid solution.

Take a closer look at this exciting feature at the upcoming MOBOTIX Global Partner Conference in October in Mainz, Germany and Americas Partner Summit in January 2020.  



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